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Post Production

With more than 40 years in the business, we steal the spotlight while remaining behind the scenes. Our post-production services deliver the highest quality film experiences from start to finish. Whether you're a film director in Montecito, a film studio in West Hollywood, or a production facility halfway around the world, we're ready to go to work for you.

foundations in post production

Foundations in Post Production

Our team of renowned professionals provide proficient, courteous, responsive and efficient services for Academy Award-nominated movies and productions. Examples of work can be seen in The Revenant, Trumbo, Creed, The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Joy, and Winter on Fire to name a few.

"When award-winning Director Michael Bay wants to screen a cut of his movie, he calls Anthony. Anthony flies from L.A. to wherever Bay is with a pair of digitally encrypted hard drives – one primary, one backup – that will allow Bay's movie to be projected in a certain theater at a certain time before, basically, self-destructing. 'He does this for Steven and me,' Bay says, referring to Steven Spielberg"

screening services

Screening Services

The production process will typically require a screening space to view content in a theatrical-like experience. NewBox Solutions is called on by many of the studios and production facilities to provide these screening services. Audio and video quality are being critically judged during this process and NewBox delivers. A significant amount of color correction and special effects are produced in these temporary facilities. Our ultimate critic is the director because their creative results are based on systems that NewBox builds.

audience response

Audience Response

One never know how good a movie/TV show is until it is tested on live audiences. The Studios bring in NewBox to create audience response system prior to the final cut of a movie. Many details come into play with these systems, such as working in very low light conditions, being unobtrusive to the audience, and collecting very accurate data. This experience has helped NewBox design highly accurate measurement systems, be methodical about the results, and build nearly invisible solutions.

digital cinema package

DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

A DCP is the final package for a movie that is encrypted and distributed to cinemas. The standards and security are very stringent and operate globally. NewBox Solutions is trusted by Studios to collect the final production content and convert to a DCP. Once converted, the DCP is the highest quality content available and is only viewable in very specific DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) compliant theaters.

NewBox Solutions conforms to the rigors and security of DCI and DCP creation and distribution services when producing and delivering packages. You may only experience a DCI quality movie if you are connected to the movie industry. If you're not connected, then NewBox can leverage the knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest quality experience available. West Hollywood, Los Angeles, or on the other side of the world - just give us a call to get started today.

color fidellty

Color Fidelity

NewBox Solutions is said to have the “golden eye” when it comes to color accuracy. Our team has meticulously configured and calibrated post production facilities with an eye towards perfection. Every monitor, projector, and screen must be perfectly calibrated to the industry standards or the movie will look different in the theater. This is more than adjusting the displays; every piece of hardware/software in the system must be masterfully tuned to deliver perfect results.