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Our Team

Our group of professional, skilled, and experienced automation experts are ready to take on your next project. We're passionate about what we do and take extra care to ensure every project results in the highest quality possible. We are consistently looking for new ways to improve our process and technology, staying on top of the latest in automation trends and training so that you receive a truly innovative and exceptional solution. Whether you're looking for a Control4 dealer in Edmonton, AB or a Savant dealer in Phoenix, AZ, we're ready to go to work for you.

- Meet The Team -

Our people make the difference.



Team Player Jordan


NAME: Jordan Wall
Born in: Bow Island, AB
Hobbies: Ball hockey

Jordan Wall is a technician with Insight Automation International. In this role, Jordan looks after the installation and programming of equipment.

Jordan is a big believer in professionalism.


High School Diploma


Lutron RA2, Savant, Lutron QS. RTI Level 3 RC University, ELAN Advanced Integrator


Jordan has been in the industry for 10 years and at Insight for 2 years. He is responsible for the installation of custom designed low voltage systems.


Banff, AB install in 2016 - 18 AV zones, 8*8 4K video matrix.

Canmore, AB install and programming in 2015 - 20 AV zones, LED lighting, QS integration, full Pakedge network.

Calgary, AB retro wire, install and programming in 2012 - 16 AV zones, first major HDMI matrix, first full integration, (lighting, security, access control, AV, HVAC).

Calgary, AB retro wire, snstall, programming, and service in 2010 - 16 AV zones, lighting, HVAC, security, and first iOS device integration.

Sundry, AB prewire, install and service in 2009 - 18 AV zones, first IP based processor.

Canmore, AB prewire and service in 2008 - 12 AV zones, first wifi controllers.

Team Player Justin


NAME: Justin Wootton
Born in: South Africa
Hobbies: Weekend rancher, quadcopters, and hiking

Justin is a master puller and LED guru with Insight Automation International. In this role, Justin and his team pre-wire homes and outfit them with the latest in technology and lighting. Justin is a big believer in never stopping learning and expanding your skill set.


Justin started with IAI in its early days of development as a company, gaining all of his 6 years of experience under the IAI banner. He has had the opportunity to work for IAI in Parksville, BC and Calgary, AB.


Justin has been involved in many projects. One of his favourites was a home on a private island off Vancouver Island for an obvious reason: it's a private island! Every morning included a boat trip, every afternoon he had lunch on the beach, and a spectacular home to work on. Justin also fondly remembers their first big lighting project on a home in Calgary. There were many challenges to overcome but looking at the end result and knowing that he was a part of it brings great pride.

Team Player Kent


NAME: Kent Nordholt
Born in: Calgary, AB
Hobbies: Golf, snowboarding

Kent is a systems designer/technician with Insight Automation International. In this role, Kent looks after all aspects of systems design, including floor plans and wiring schematics..

He is a big believer in precision.


BXT, Broadcast System Technician diploma from SAIT


Member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers


Kent has been with the company for 4 years. He started as a field technician and has been working on system designs for the past 2 years. His primary role in the company is to refine sales quotes to a fully functional project including wiring schematics, pre-wired floor plans and automation/lighting programs to match.


Whole Home Automation in Canmore, Alberta:
Pre-wire, install, and final system design deployment.

Whole Home Automation in Calgary, Alberta:
Pre-wire, system design and Lutron and Savant programming.

Whole Home Automation in Calgary, Alberta:
System design and Lutron and Savant programming.

Whole Home Automation in Calgary, Alberta:
System design, LED Lighting, and  Lutron and Savant programming.

Team Player Kim


NAME: Kim Ingram
Born in: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Hobbies: Travel, fine dining, music and nature walks

Kim is a business development / project manager with Insight Automation International. In this role, Kim looks after all aspects of the design process on commercial and residential AV projects, including initial design meetings to identify clients' requirements, and works with our system engineers to implement a solution to meet our clients' needs.

Kim is a big believer in the development of business relationships and going the extra mile to accomplish our clients' goals.


Kim has continued to develop his skills attending courses at CEDIA, InfoComm, CE100 and LED University.


Kim brings over fifteen years of industry experience with him to Insight Automation International and has been with us for over three and half years. During his time here, he has continued to foster past relationships and harness new relationships through customer service and a willingness to exceed client expectations.


Kim has completed several large projects both in the commercial and residential areas. Kim was involved in gathering the initial scope of work from clients and utilizing his past experience to make recommendations that would best suit his clients' needs. Kim is the project management on larger scale projects to ensure coordination with other vendors and key stake holders. This allows us to deliver a project from the full life cycle of conception to delivery on time and in budget.

Team Player Nalin


NAME: Nalin Parmar
Born in: India (Gujarat)
Hobbies: Drawing, photography

Nalin Parmar is a purchasing manager at Insight Automation Internal. Parmar looks after purchasing, warehouse and inventory. He coordinates the tech and sales team, scheduling, and material handing. 

Parmar leads a team providing team work, honesty and humbleness, and leadership, with a goal to always be respectful to others. 

He is a big believer in personal responsibility. He believes that where he is today is through a belief in hard work and never saying no.


B.Com (India)

Training/Certifications:- Fork Lift / Overhead Crane


Length of experience in industry - 19 years
Length of service with company - 7 years
Looks After Purchasing / Warehouse / Inventory
Looking after all Purchasing Order / Inventory / Shipping and Receiving


Team Player Ron


NAME: Ron Patrick
Born in: Calgary, AB
Hobbies: Sports, music and travelling
Schooling: S.A.I.T.


Ron Patrick founded Smart Home Systems in 1987 and was one of the industry pioneers at a time when there were only a few companies doing this in all of North American. In 1990, Smart Home Systems was honored to install the first Smart Home in Canada, which was sanctioned by the National Home Builders Society in conjunction with the Calgary Home Builders Association. In 2010, Smart Home Systems amalgamated with Insight Automation International with the goal of becoming a nationwide conglomeration of independently founded integrators working as one.

Lighting and automation are Ron’s passion in the industry. He enjoys the entire process, but particularly the interaction with his clients. As a lifetime student of business, he also enjoys the challenges of running a small business and is constantly working on processes to improve operations.


Ron holds a Master Electrician designation in three countries and countless industry training certificates. Having managed companies in both Florida and the Cayman Islands as well as completing installations in Japan, he understands that working in different countries brings different work challenges and easily adapts to the situation.

Team Player Sean


NAME: Sean Dickson
Born in: High River, AB
Hobbies: Motor sports, camping, hiking, movies, and video games

Sean is a technician with Insight Automation International.  Sean's role at Insight is to look after the installation of products and wiring on every project he is assigned.

He is a big believer in paying attention to every detail.

Diploma from Forest Lawn High School


Sean started in the industry in January of 2008 at Soundsaround. He was a Home Theatre Installer with the company for 3+ years. Then, in October 2011, he was offered a Senior Installer position at Shaw Cable, and was there untill October 2014. As a Senior Installer with Shaw, he was responsible for VP/VIP installs, and was one of the first installers to start on the residential fibre project. In 2015, he decided to go back to the home automation industry, and in January 2015 started at TRECC Electric and was a Lead Installer till October 2015. That's when he found an opportunity to come over to Insight Automation and hasn't looked back.


Calgary, AB - LED installation
Calgary, AB - A/V installation
Calgary,AB - A/V installation
Canmore, AB - Full home automation
Millarville, AB - A/V, LED wiring
Calgary, AB - A/V installation
Calgary, AB - A/V upgrade
Calgary, AB - A/V upgrade

Team Player Aaron


NAME: Aaron McDonald
Born in: Alix, AB
Hobbies: Jiu jitsu, Video games, Science fiction

Aaron is a Technology consultant with Insight Automation international. He coordinates technology integration on residential and commercial projects in the Palm Springs area, including Central Control, security, lighting, shading, Network and home theater. Aaron believes in ontological design and that technology is one of the many crucial elements in designing the spaces we will occupy in the future.

“Everything we design, in turn designs us back” Ann-Marie Willis


Aaron has been in the electronics industry for 11 years. He has spent 5 years with Insight, 4 of which were as a technician. He has had the opportunity to work on many amazing projects and be involved with everything from running cable during construction to designing and installation.


Residence in Calgary, AB – Technician – Post construction install that involved adding whole home central control for lighting, shading, audio/video. This was one of the first jobs I worked on and I got to see the massive scale of technology that can be integrated, even into homes that are already finished.

Residence in Canmore, AB – Technician – As well as providing central control for all the home's technology we got to use our experience with LED accent lighting to complement some of the home's beautiful wood and stone work.

Residence in Calgary, AB – Technician/consultant – I got to do a little of everything on this project. I was there for the prewire, install and some of the design like landscape lighting. One of the biggest prewires I’ve seen as we ran thousands of feet of cable so we could light the whole home with LED. The diversity of lighting scenes that are possible in this project are endless. I got to see how changing the light’s intensity and color can completely change the entire look and feel of any room. One of the coolest things was working with the team, assembling one of the showpiece countertops to backlight it.



Team Player Bonnie


NAME: Bonnie Patrick
Born in: Calgary, AB
Hobbies: Cooking, Traveling

Bonnie does the Account Receivables with Insight Automation International. She is responsible for updating the financial aspects of the project.

Bonnie is a big believer in team effort – being the best you can be.


Bonnie has been involved with company since 1990 and a full time employee since 1995.

Team Player Cheryl


NAME: Cheryl Walker
Born in: Halifax, NS

Cheryl Walker (Accounting) with Insight Automation International. In this role, Cheryl upholds the accounting tasks, providing and maintaining an exceptional department in the accounting field.

Cheryl is a big believer in communication and efficiency.


CompuCollege – Office Administration Diploma
CompuCollege- Office Management Certificate
SAIT - Accounting


Cheryl has been with Insight Home Solutions for 15 years. Her experience with this industry and this company has been exceptional. The changes with technology as well as what the staff accomplishes is brilliant.

Team Player Daryl


NAME: Daryl B. Wall
Born in: Edmonton, AB
Hobbies: Reading, Music, Cigars

Daryl Wall works in Sales and Design with Insight Automation International. In this role, Daryl looks after his clients by working with a team of top-notch professionals and providing all aspects of System Integration, including design, engineering, installation, and programming.

Daryl is big believer in integrity and is always willing to work with the team from Insight to ensure that the client has the best possible experience, whether in a residential or commercial installation.


B. Th, Vanguard College, Edmonton


Having begun working with electronics, particularly sound systems as a teenager, Daryl has developed his love for music into a career. He has done pretty much everything there is to do in the area of sound systems. Daryl has worked in churches, studios, concert sound and designed some world-class and award-winning home theatre and audio systems. He has been recognized and rewarded for his work by CEDIA and other organizations.


Designer and Project Manager for project in Calgary, AB in 1998, CEDIA Award Winner

Designer and Project Manager for project in Calgary, AB from 2001 - 2003, CEDIA Award Finalist

Designer and Project Manager for project in Bearberry, AB from 2005 - 2006

Designer and Project Manager for project in Calgary, AB in 2008

Designer and Project Manager for project in Calgary, AB in 2013

Sales and Design for project in Canmore, AB in 2014

Sales and Design for project in Calgary, AB in 2015

Team Player Drew


NAME: Drew Hipkin
Born in: Edmonton, AB
Hobbies: Hockey

Drew Hipkin is a Field Supervisor with Insight Automation International. In this role, Drew looks after/coordinates/manages/leads a team providing all aspects of install, including service and training.

Drew is a big believer in doing the job right the first time.


(Degree/School) Advanced High School Diploma
(Certificate/School) Certified PM/Sait


Lutron, Crestron, Savant, Clear One


Drew has been in the industry for 15 years and at Insight for 5 years. Drew is responsible for the installation of custom designed low voltage systems.